FileLink Access Logs

Matt Brindley -

You can find the access history of a HomeDrive FileLink by following these steps:

  1. Open the HomeDrive Dashboard application
  2. Click the down arrows next to a vault and select "Open in web interface..."
  3. Once you've logged into the web interface you will see your vaults. Expand the vault that has the FileLink associated with it
  4. Click on "Link Management" on the left menu panel. This will show all the FileLinks that are and have been created on this vault
  5. Click the settings cog of the FileLink in question and click "Edit Link"

At the bottom of this page is a table of the access logs for list link.

Please note that if an incorrect email address is entered when someone accesses the FileLink there is no validation, so the incorrect email will show in the logs.

We recommend only providing FileLinks to trusted sources and protecting it with a password if the information is of a sensitive nature.


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