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When signing up for vGRID Exchange Mail, you will need to add your public domain. This will allow the vGRID Exchange Mail platform to send and receive email for you using you own domain.

To ensure that domain names are not entered incorrectly and that ownership of a domain name can be validated, a process of verification needs to be followed, we have a number of methods as follows.

  1. DNS text record
  2. Hosted file


DNS text record

When you go through the vGRID wizard for adding a domain name, if you select 'DNS Text Record' you will be given a token value to add to the DNS settings for your domain, this will look something like this:

If you have access to the DNS records for the domain name, such as via a control panel service like you can simply add a 'TXT' record as follows:


Hosted file

If you do not have access to the DNS records for the domain, but you do have access to the website files and folders, you can create a file.

Download the file called 'vgrid-token.txt' from the vGRID domain name verification wizard and upload it to the root directory of your website, the top level folder.  So that the file will become accessible via <your-domain-name>/vgrid-token.txt




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