Remove/enable Outlook's Holiday and Birthday Calendars

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Removing the Birthday or Holiday Calendars and Office 365's Exchange Online accounts have separate Birthday and Holiday calendars. You can remove the calendars if you aren't using them but you cannot delete individual items from the calendars.

The birthday calendar is automatically generated from your contacts and it is read-only.
You can turn it off in Outlook on the web's Calendar options but cannot delete individual birthdays from the calendar; so if you want to remove a birthday from the calendar, you'll need to edit the person's contact.

To remove the Holiday calendar, right click on the calendar and choose Delete folder. You can delete the Holiday calendar in either Outlook desktop or Outlook on the web.

However, if you delete the Birthday calendar in Outlook, it will come back within a few seconds. You need to turn it off navigating to your vGRID webmail's Options > Calendar Options and choosing Turn off the birthday calendar.

Note: These calendars sync with your mailbox. When you delete them from Outlook on the web, they will be deleted from all devices your mailbox syncs with.

Enabling the Birthday or Holiday Calendars

To enable (or re-enable) either Calendar, you'll need to log into your vGRID webmail then:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar area on the top left:
  2. Click on Add Calendar and choose the one you want to add


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