How do I configure vGRID mail for my printer/scanner?

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Some Printer/Scanner devices allow you to send scanned documents via email. In order to do this, they must connect to a mail-server in order to transport the information.

Note that mail services that run on the provider (such as HP ePrint) and send using a provider assigned email address (such as cannot be used with vGRID mail.

In order to send via email, the printer must have it's own mailbox configured even if it is only sending mail.

Configuring Printer Email Services

  1. Log on to the Customer portal and create a new POP mailbox for the printer
  2. Ensure that you have available the full mailbox address and the password for the mailbox
  3. Configure your printer using the SMTP and POP settings as per this article.
    An example configuration is included below (for a Brother printer)


  • Please note that our platform requires authentication for both POP and SMTP
  • Similarly, our platform requires TLS encryption. If you printer does not support encryption on the mail service connections, then it will not be compatible with our platform.
  • Please ensure you use your full SMTP address for the username of the SMTP authentication.
  • Make sure that you can log in to your POP mailbox on our webmail portal to ensure that your credentials are correct before logging a support ticket.


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