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If you need to bulk export data from HomeDrive (possibly for purposes of backup or migration) one method for doing so is to import all vaults to a single machine where you can then copy them off. The steps for doing so are illustrated as follows:


1. Add your user as a Guest on all vaults

In this case, we would be inviting a guest to the OPS-CustomerDownloads vault. Click the Invite Guest link and you will be taken to the form in the next screenshot.

From here it is advised that you invite yourself as Read Only such that you do not accidentally delete any files from the vaults you are exporting.

2. Import vaults into HomeDrive application

Once you have guest access to the vaults in question, you can import them into the HomeDrive application. To do so, open the Dashboard and click Vaults > Import Vaults. This will then display a list of all of the vaults that you have access to. If the vault you wish to export is not listed here, return the previous step and ensure that you have guest access to the vault. You may need the help of the vault owner to get access.

In the below screenshot, we would be importing the "am-home-share" vault as underlined.

This will then trigger a sync on the vault. Once that is complete, you should be able to find the files in windows explorer as shown in the next step.

3. Get files from vaults

Browse to your "This PC" or "My Computer" folder (depending on your operating system) and locate the newly imported vaults. From here, you should be able to copy files like any other attached storage (external hard disk, usb drive).

4. Remove vaults

Once you have completed exporting your data, you may wish to remove the extra vaults in order to conserve disk space. To do this, from the Dashboard click the double-down arrow next to the vault and click "Remove". This will remove the vault from this computer.


If you are having issues with your HomeDrive system contact your IT service provider, or our support desk in the case that you have purchased HomeDrive directly via vGRID.



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