Can I seed backup data to my vGRID Protect repository?

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Pre-Requirement: A Valid vGRID Protect account. If you do not have an account then please get in touch with us at to get started.


The seeding procedure involves using the Crashplan PROe client software to copy the backup data onto an external device (we will only accept USB hard drives, please do not send a storage appliance or internal drive) 

Before you proceed with these steps please make sure that you have finished the client software settings especially the security settings as the archive will be based on those encryption settings.


  • Create the seed: Back up the device you are seeding to an External hard disk.  This can be done by navigating to Destinations in the CrashPlan PROe client, selecting the Folders tab and selecting your attached external hard disk. DO NOT change the name of the folder that is created automatically by the CrashPlan PROe software.





  • Assign the device to a store point on vGRID: Once the backup to an external hard drive has completed then start backup from the device to the vGRID Server. This can be done by navigating to the Cloud tab as shown in the first picture below. Simply run it for few minutes, let it upload a small amount of data (a few MBs is fine) and then PAUSE it as shown in the picture below. This creates a backup archive on the Cloud server which we can populate with the data from the external storage device.

  • As you can see in the picture above that the backup has been paused for 24 hours only.You would need to pause backup service for longer than that so that we have enough time to completed the manual data seeding onto the server. We can remotely pause the backup service from the server and resume it when we are finish with the data seeding process. However if you wish to do it yourself then here are the steps.
  • Double Click on the icon on the Crash Plan PROe application as shown in the picture below

  • A new Window will appear where you need to enter the command "pause 5760"

  • Press enter, close this window and go back to Crash Plan PROe application. You will see the backup will resume after 4 days (as per the command in the picture above)
  • Transport:  Courier the external storage device to vGRID. For mailing address please contact us at
  • Data Seeding: Once we receive the external storage device we will manually seed data onto the server. When that is completed we will advise you about this and then you can resume the backup service. You can do this by clicking again on the Crash Plan PROe icon on top right of the application window. In the new window type "resume" as shown in the picture below. Press enter and the back service will start again.

  • The device synchronizes and backup begins where it left off during the creation of the seed.


Desktop Client software: Log into your account using one of the links below. A drop down window will appear as shown in the picture below from where you can click and download the client application.

Hamilton Server:

Auckland Server:



If you have any questions/queries please feel free to contact us at

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