How to create a HomeDrive account.

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This article will guide you through the steps to assign a license to a Homdrive user.


Login to your vGRID Account here:

Single Click on the Storage Tab, then under Homedrive click Manage Service:




Under HomeDrive: Click on Add Users at the top right




In case you get an error like “Unable to execute SQL query” please ignore this as this is only related to front end interface but it does assign a valid license to the email ID in the backend.


For help on getting started, visit our Getting Started With HomeDrive article.

To confirm the license status you can email us at

To use the HomeDrive Web Panel, click here:

To Visit HomeDrive Homepage:

To download the latest version of HomeDrive client software, either select one of the options from the customer portal on the right of the Homedrive page or go to


For any other queries please refer to our knowledge base articles:


If you still have any query please feel free to email us at

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