How to Install and Use HomeDrive Plugin for Outlook

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When installing the HomeDrive dashboard to your PC, the Outlook add-in will be installed automatically. This add-in will make it easier to send larger files through email:



If however somehow the plugin is not seen, then It is possible that it needs to be activated. This is how it can be done.




The file will be automatically added and synchronized to your vault in a new folder Called Attachments (see in the picture above)

The add-in will create a link for your recipient so that they have a direct link to the download (FileLink)


When you compose a new Email the FileLink option can be seen. You can also "drag and drop" the file you want to attach/send.



 To attach a file (link) to your email:


Create a new email  and attach/drag a file into your text field or press the HomeDrive FileLink button:



You can change the default location where the file will be stored on vault and you can also customize the FileLink options:



Enter a password to protect the File Link (Optional):



Finally, press the 'OK' button:





NOTE: When trying to attach a file which is within another vault, then also the attachments will be saved to pre-selected folder (“Attachments” in the above example) in the selected Vault unless it is changed in the beginning as shown in Fourth Picture above.


Hope that makes sense. Please feel free to contact our service desk at for any more queries.


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