How to Use WebDav For HomeDrive

Sam -

We have just created WebDav, for HomeDrive, so you don’t need to keep files locally anymore if you don’t want to, perfect for VDI or tablets/IPads with minimal space

  1.  Create a Vault from the browser by logging onto your HomeDrive account, not the console, or map to an existing Vault that’s not mapped already (say MyDocs)
  2. Start> Run> Services.msc> Enter
  3. Click on WebClient and Run it



     4.     Start> Right click on My Computer

     5.    Map a network drive



     6.  Map it to I have a Vault already created called MyDocs

                  Enter user name and password

                  Click Finish


Go to My Computer



Hope that makes sense. Please feel free to contact our service desk at for any more queries.




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