How to purchase a full license of HomeDrive

Kelly Jepsen -

At anytime, you can activate HomeDrive by logging into the customer portal at as described in detail below.

If you do not purchase HomeDrive before the trial period ends, your account will be disabled and access to Vaults will be restricted.

Please Note: We will not delete any data from your local machine.

To activate your HomeDrive account (convert to a paid account):

  • Login (or register first) to vGRID at
  • Ensure you have a credit card loaded for your account. This can be checked by clicking on your Username in the top right corner and clicking "Account" then going to the "Billing" tab. Under "Automatic Payment" you can click "Add Card"
  • Go to the "Storage" tab
  • Under “HomeDrive” click on the Activate button
  • Enter the email address of the HomeDrive account you wish to link to your account and pay for, as well as the user's first and last name
  • Click “Activate” (please make a note of any alerts if the process fails)
  • Under the "HomeDrive" category click "List" to confirm that your users are listed
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