"No Connection" message

Kelly Jepsen -

A user will get a "No Connection" message when they are unable to make a valid connection to the central HomeDrive server.


Possible causes are:

  1. Your firewall is preventing HomeDrive from making an SSH connection
  2. Your virus scanner is preventing the HomeDrive.SAgent3 sync component from running
  3. A Proxy Server is interfering
  4. A slow or unstable Internet connection error


Some quick troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure the PC is connected to the Internet.
  2. Test your connection by browsing to www.homedrive.co.nz
  3. Check if you are behind a Proxy server or a Firewall (see below)


To check if you are behind a Proxy:

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to Internet Options
  • Connections tab
  • LAN Settings. Nothing should be checked in here.
A Network Admin may need to allow HomeDrive to connect to ports 80 and 443 as they are needed for http and https - standard port 443 is needed for SSH as well - which are commonly blocked on corporate firewalls.
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    Kenny Townsley

    We have started to get the No Connection message when using the HomeDrive system in the office. The issue is random as I have 2 vaults and the system says I am connected to one but not the other. I've attached a screen shot to show you. Also all of a sudden my colleague is getting the No Connection message on her PC. She can access the files from the online version though.

















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