"No Connection" message with AVG anti-virus running

Kelly Jepsen -

In some cases AVG anti-virus will block the HomeDrive.SAgent3 file, which prevents HomeDrive from making a connection. When you have a "No Connection" error message and you see the below message in your activity log, this means that AVG is interrupting.


STDERR: [04/05/2013 23:37:51] Contacting server ...

STDERR: [04/05/2013 23:37:51] '"C:\Program Files\HomeDrive\Dashboard\HomeDrive.SAgent3.exe"' is not recognized as an internal or external command.

STDERR: [04/05/2013 23:37:51] Operable program or batch file.

STDERR: [04/05/2013 23:37:51] Fatal error: Lost connection with the server.


How to solve this issue:

  • Open AVG and select Options > Virus Vault
  • The HomeDrive.SAgent3.exe file will be in here
  • Select the file, and click restore
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