Email Directly to a HomeDrive Folder

Kelly Jepsen -

You can add documents to a Vault from any email-enabled device, without installing new software. Files are saved directly into the specified folder, as long as your file is sent as an email attachment. 

  • The recipient email address should be: ie

This address is case sensitive.

!! The recipient's vault will need to allow anyone to email files to the vault. !!
This setting can be turned on in the Users & Permissions section of the vault. 


Please Note:

  • Avoid using special characters in the filenames of attachments ( e.g ! @ # * " % etc)
  • There may be a delay depending on the speed of your SMTP server
  • Since sending the email, did your Vault (where you emailed the files to) return to being "In Sync"?



If you're having issues with this feature, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at

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