Access Restrictions

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Folder Access Restrictions

Currently, you can only set access restrictions by Vault, and not by specific folders. A workaround for this would be sharing Folder Links. You can send a Folder Link to a specific person so they can access the specified folder through our web interface, and not any other folders within that Vault. You can set this so that the guest who has received the Folder Link can upload and download files.


Vault Access Restrictions

The Vault admin can put certain access restrictions on the Vault for certain users. The Vault admin's permissions can't be changed. There are two ways to configure this, follow the steps below:


Web Interface:

  • Login to
  • Click on the triangular arrow next to your Vault
  • Click on the "Users & Permissions" option (shown below)

  • Set-up the permissions you prefer

Using the HomeDrive Dashboard:

  • Login to your Dashboard
  • Select the "Vault Options" button next to the appropriate Vault (shown below)
  • This will take you to the website interface
  • Set-up the permissions you prefer
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