How Do I Create/Add an Exchange Mailbox

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This Knowledge base article will guide you through on how you can activate your exchange organization in our hosted Exchange platform.


1. Login to your account here:

2. Go to "Exchange Mail" tab

3. Click on "Activate Exchange"

4. Under "Exchange Domain" click on the "+" icon and add your domain. The first domain that you add will become the primary domain. You can change it if you want

3. Under "Exchange Mailboxes" click on the "+" icon to add first mailbox to your exchange organization.

4. Choose type of mailbox and complete other details on the form

5. Click on "Create Mailbox"


Your mailbox is now ready to go. Just make sure that you have setup your DNS records correctly so that emails are delivered to your mailbox on our mail servers smoothly.

To know how to setup DNS for the exchange mail and other related queries please visit our knowledge base section for exchange mail:


If you have any questions/queries please reply to this email.

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