How do I export mail contents of a user account before deleting it?

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You may want to export the contents of a user’s mailbox data (Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, etc.) prior to deleting a user’s account. This will allow you access to the data that was stored for the user at a later stage within Outlook or for data retention purposes.

Ensure you are logged into the email account of the user that requires exporting and not your own (unless it is your account that will be deleted) Using Microsoft Outlook 2010 follow the guide below to export the contents.
NOTE: The time taken to export depends on the size of the user’s mailbox and varies due to this (Minutes to Hours). It is recommended to check and empty the “Deleted Items” and "Junk E-mail" folders before starting to save on time if you are exporting everything for an account.

Once you are ready proceed with the following steps:

1. Click File > Open > Import


2. Select Export to a file and click Next

Select Outlook Data (.pst) and click Next

Select the Top level folder to export everything otherwise select what you want exported and click Next


Choose a location to save the exported file and click Finish

You will be given the option to give the file a password prior to the export starting, either type one in or leave it blank and click OK

All Done… Well now you just need to wait for the file to finish exporting. 

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