What is a Distribution List?

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A Distribution List (DL) is used to simplify the action of sending an email to multiple users.  Each DL has a Name, email address, Manager and group of members.

Name:  This is a friendly name that will appear in the Address List of your organisation.  Common names are "All Users", "Sales Team", "Management Team".

Email Address: This is an email address that external users can you to send an email to all members of the DL.  Common email addresses are info@company.co.nzsales@company.co.nz and so on.

Manager:  A Manager is a mailbox user in your organisation who has the ability to change the membership of a DL from within the Outlook client or Outlook Web App.

Members:  These are mailbox users or contacts from your Organisation that will receive emails sent to this DL either internally from the address list or externally to the DL's email address.

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