How Do I Manually configure an Exchange Mailbox in Outlook 2010

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This article will guide you through configuring a Full Exchange mailbox in Outlook 2010 should Autodiscover not be working.  Please note this only works for Full Exchange mailboxes not POP mailboxes.

If for any reason Autodiscover is not working you may need to manually configure your Full Exchange mailbox.  This article will guide you through the configuration for Outlook 2010.

PLEASE NOTE : if you are using Outlook 2016, you must use autodiscover and this can not be manually adjusted.

1.  Make sure Outlook 2010 is closed and then Open the Windows Control Panel and select the Mail control panel (it will be called Mail (32-bit) if you are running a 64 Windows edition).

2.  In the "Mail Setup - Outlook" windows select the Show Profiles button.  Skip to step 3 if this is a new Outlook install.  If you have a previously configured mailbox and want to add an additional mailbox you will see your profile in the list.  Select it and click the properties button. Then click the E-mail accounts button, then click New... on the Account Settings page.  Select "E-mail Account" (should be the default) and click the next button.  Now skip to step 4.

3.  For a new mailbox configuration click the Add... button. Give the new profile a name and then click OK.

4.  Select the "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" option at the bottom of the screen and click Next.

5.  Select the "Microsoft Exchange or compatible service" and select Next.

6.  Enter the following information:

Server:          casarray-akl.thecloud.local
Use Cached Exchange Mode (leave ticked if you want to keep a local copy of your mailbox)
User Name:    <your new mailbox email address>

IMPORTANT:  Do not click "Check Name" at this Point!!


Click the More Settings button.

7.  Click the "Connections" tab and tick the option at the bottom of the window called "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP".  Now click the "Exchange Proxy Settings..." button that will no longer be grey.

8.  Enter the following information in this window:

Use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange:
Tick Connect using SSL only
Tick Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate:
Tick "On fast networks..."
Tick "On slow networks..."
Under Proxy authentication settings make sure "Basic Authentication" is select.


Now click OK to close the "Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings" window and OK again to close the "Microsoft Exchange" window.

9.  You can now press the "Check Name" which should prompt you for a username and password.  These will be your mailbox email address and the password associated with that mailbox.  If this completes successfully the Username field will be underlined.

10.  Now click Next and then Finish to complete the configuration.  You should now be able to close all Control Panel windows and restart Outlook.

Remember that your login details are your email address (for username) and the password associated with that mailbox.  Remember to enter the correct details for each mailbox if you have more than one Exchange mailbox configured in Outlook 2010. 

If you have continued problems please confirm the mailbox is working correctly by connecting to the webmail interface and logging in there.  The webmail interface is at

Otherwise please contact us using this support interface.

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