How do I forward email to an external address?

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It is sometimes desirable to forward your Exchange email to an external email address.  You can set this up within the self-service portal on a per mailbox basis.  Follow the following steps:

  1. You will need to make a Contact for the external email address you want to forward your mail to.  Log into the self-service portal and select the Exchange Mail tab.  On the right hand side toward the bottom of the page is a section labeled Exchange Contacts.  Click the green circle with the + inside to add a new contact.  The Contact Name is a friendly name that is listed in the address list and the Email address is the External email address you want to forward email to.  Click "Create Contact" to complete.
  2. Now you have created the contact edit the mailbox you want to apply the forward to.  In the Edit mailbox window you will see "Forward all messages to:" toward the bottom of the window.  This is a drop down box that includes all your mailbox emails and will also include the email address you entered for the contact.  Select that email address.  You can also select if you want email to remain in your mailbox after being forwarded by clicking the tick box below.  Then click "Save" to make the change.  This will continue forwarding all email until you change it back to None.

You can also use this to forward your email to an Internal mailbox if you are away on leave or just need someone else to monitor your incoming emails.

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