How to prevent someone's mail from going to your Junk folder

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A sender's email can be detected as possible spam or junk for many reasons, however if you know and trust the sender then you don't want their email going to your junk folder.

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To allow all (aka whitelist) messages from an email address within Microsoft Outlook, you need to add that email to your "Safe senders" list. You can do this as follows:

Outlook for windows

  1. Right-click the email that was sent to your junk folder
  2. navigate to "Junk" and select "Never Block Sender"

Alternatively, you can edit your safe senders list directly by clicking on the "Junk" button under the Home menu and selecting "Junk E-mail Options...". Click the "Safe Senders" tab and click the "Add" button to add a new safe sender to your list.

Outlook for Mac OSx

  1. Go to "Junk Email Preferences" under in the "Tools" menu
  2. click the + sign and add the sender's email account to your safe senders list.


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