How do I configure my DNS for vGRID Exchange Mail

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The following article demonstrates how to configure your DNS settings for the Exchange Mail service on vGRID.


DNS - MX Record

To configure multiple SMTP gateways for redundancy, please use the following:

MX 10
MX 10
MX 30

DNS - CNAME Record

Record Type CNAME
Name autodiscover.yourmaildomain
Record Data


NOTE: The above picture is an example of Windows Server. Your DNS hosting provider may have different interface. Please contact your hosting service provider on how to configure DNS records using the above information.


For example on Discount Domain for auto discover to work the following two records must be added - Open Image in a new tab to view the original size.


Not sure what Outlook clients are supported? Click here

Port standard port 110 or Secure Port 995. Both require TLS for secure authentication

standard port 143 or Secure Port 993. Both require TLS for secure authentication

port 587 with authentication (SSL encryption optional)



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