Backup HomeDrive using vGRID Protect

Matt Brindley -

While HomeDrive has its own back up system of up to 14 days, sometimes you might want to be able to retrieve older revisions of your files, or even have a redundancy plan for very important documents.

With vGRID Protect you can add that level of extra backup by adding the files and folders within the mapped drive that HomeDrive creates for each vault.

To back up mapped drives using vGRID Protect, the CrashPlan PROe application needs to be installed on a per-user basis (IE not installed for "Everybody") on your computer.


If you need help setting up CrashPlan, click here

If it is already installed for Everybody, you will need to re-install CrashPlan, making sure to install it for your user account individually. Dont worry, uninstalling CrashPlan will not mean that you lose your data. Your backups are stored securely on the cloud.

Once CrashPlan has been re-installed, log in and select the folders within your HomeDrive vaults as usual.

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