How to Backup/Restore files using the vGRID Protect desktop app

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This document assumes that you have already installed the vGRID Protect application on your desktop.
Don't have the application installed? Click here to see how to do that.
Don't want to install the desktop application? Click here to see how to restore via the web interface

Backing up and restoring data with vGRID Protect is easy and effective. When you have logged into the vGRID Protect application you will be greeted with a window similar to below:

Backup Your Data

To specify what data you want to back up on your computer, click the "Change" button. 
This will prompt you with a file explorer which you can use to select the folders and files to be backed up. 

Note: Any data that is not specified will not be backed up, so make sure to choose any files or folders that you do not want to lose. 

Once you've chosen your files, the CloudSync will backup your data automatically.

You can change the the behavior of how the backup feature works via the Settings on the left side of the screen, then selecting the Backup tab. 

For example: You can change how often the backup will synchronize by clicking the "Frequency and versions" button.  The settings also allow you to choose how many versions of the backups you want to keep.


Restore Your Data

Click the Restore on the left side of the screen within CrashPlanPROe

You will see a list of all your backed up folders on the right side of the screen, navigate to the file or folder you want to restore, then select it by clicking the box next to it. 
At the bottom of the window you will see the line below:

Click on the blue, underlined words to switch between the options you wish to change before restoring the files /folders

For example: You might want to restore the file to its original location to where it was backed up. Simply click on the "Desktop" option so that it reads "original location".

Once you are satisfied with how you would like to go about restoring your data, click the "Restore" button. Depending on the size of the data, and the speed of your internet connection it may take a while to restore. 

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